Year: 997.M40
Calixis Sector, Subsector Drusus Marches

Even though the existence of hive cities with their fat nobles in the upper spires this area of space has mostly been ignored by the various houses of the Rogue Traders. Drusus Marches is at the edge of the Calixis Sector with travel further blocked off by a massive warp storm. No ships have been able to navigate through the storms and making a stop in the sub sector just hasn’t been profitable enough to warrant adding it to the normal trade routes until recently.

Port Wander, a near abandoned Imperial Navy space station has started to see new life. Sitting on the edge near the warpstorms there have been rumor that an opening has been discovered. A possible way to travel past to the undiscovered expanse. This opens up grand possibilities of exploration and the glory of being the first to lay claim to the possible treasures that wait ahead.

Many Rogue Traders made an Exodus to Port Wander breathing life back into it’s dust covered halls, arms and elbows to be the ones to claim that beyond the storm. When Manos Krieg arrived though, with a full fleet of ships, the others were muscled out.

Manos Krieg is a very solemn military minded Rogue Trader. Loyal to his house and current holder of his lineage’s Warrant of Trade. He can be described as kind to those that serve him, ruthless to those that oppose. Luckily, you serve him.

You are the commanding members for one of the many ships within Krieg’s fleet. A small freighter with a crew of only 50. Small compared to the standard city sized ships, but what it lacks in might it makes up for in speed and stealth.

Even though the other traders were shooed away like annoying children, there is a presence Krieg has not been able to expel from the area. The Ordo Xenos, Inquisitors specializing in the study and destruction of anything alien and deemed a threat to mankind. Word is they suspect a heavy Xenos presence on the other side of the warp storm and do not want any interference in their work. They have taken residence in space near Port Wander waiting for the storms to open up enough for travel.

Much to Krieg’s dismay, the Inquisition will not back down by his requests and are not as easily intimidated as the other traders were. This has forced the fleet to move away from Port Wander for the time being.

Krieg’s fleet is currently stationed near the hive world Thical. In the largest hive city nested in the upper spires is a strong presence of the Administratum. Fat, greedy bureaucrats that Krieg believes can assist in forcing the Ordo Xenos to back off.

In the meantime, Krieg has been establishing trade with the planets in the sub sector, assigning jobs to ships such as yours and biding his time until the warp storm subsides enough, and the fleet can get past the Inquisition.

Whispers of the Void

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