Simply Freddy

Ganger who has seen the stars


Simply Freddy is a gang leader in the underhive of Bandus. He is a chemist specializing in drugs outlawed by the majority of the Imperium.

With an interest to expand his business in to serious gambling on pit fights, Simply Freddy tried to hire the crew of the Angry Angel to acquire a pair of Vex Hounds that he could breed and train the pups to fight in the pits.

Octavius made the stipulation that Simply Freddy had to join them on his ship. Simply Freddy had never seen the sky let alone the void, so he jumped at the chance, leaving his gang in charge of business.

Through their short adventures though, Simply Freddy could not take life as a void fairer, and kept himself medicated through the tough times before returning to Bandus.

Simply Freddy

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