Jarek Flaythous

Man of the people


Well dressed and well kept, your typical nobleman.


Leader of a small colony on Monrass, put almost all of his funding (and those of the colony) into a trade to have the colony moved to a more suitable world. Monrass was once rich and vibrant, but within recent decades the soil has been poisoned and it is becoming unfit for habitation.

Jarek has always been “for the people” as he himself claims. Never forcing a person to over work themselves, always looking to provide for the colony. He was revered and respected as all, seeing him not as a noble, but more as the rich care free uncle.

This is until the crew of the Angry Angel arrived.

Captain Octavius and Jarek soon butted heads from almost the moment the crew arrived. With a mutant threat nearby things only escalated between the two as tension became thicker.
Despite the happenings on Monrass Jarek and his people are now on the agri-world of Spectoris where they can survive and let the colony grow.

Jarek is now struggling to cope with the incident with Octavius, showing a bit of his true self and losing some of the respect of his people. He is fighting to rebuild his reputation. When he isn’t mourning the loss of his “yes man” Manuel who died on Monrass. Another thing he blames Octavius for.

Jarek Flaythous

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