Whispers of the Void

False info?

An order passed straight from the desk of Manos Krieg himself. A secret and time sensitive mission to collect and transport Xenos technology right under the noses of the Inquisition. The perfect opportunity for the Captain and Crew of Angry Angel to prove themselves.

Victor Strom, an Adept from Krieg’s ship the Endless Glory passed on the mission to meet the contact Ailill on the death world of of Haddrick. They were to transport four containers of unknown items back to a contact in Bandus whom would be revealed later. The problem is that ancient ruins of planet has been being scavenged for xeno tech and the Inquisition has been inspecting any coming or going to the death world. Victor suggested slipped through an asteroid field around the planet to mask the ship from scans of any ships of the Ordos Xeno.

The crew traveled to the hive city of Bandus to gather supplies for the mission. Captain Octavius was stopped by a suspicious individual. A ganger, elbows deep in the black market known only as “Simply Freddy”. Simply Freddy told Octavius of a beast known as a Vex Hound. A large dog like creature found on various desert worlds. Simply Freddy them to use in the pit fights that go on in the underhive. The captain was offered 20 kg of Obscura, (an illegal drug that causes the user to go into a pleasant dream like state) for a good breeding pair. Octavius took Simply Freddy up on the offer with the strange stipulation that Simply Freddy go with him.
Simply Freddy agreed, wanting to see outside of the walls of the hive, and set his underlings to run his operations while he was gone.

Into the void, and ripping through the warp the Angry Angel went, reaching it’s destination of Haddrick. There were no asteroids, and no Inquisition in orbit. Just a strange binary signal. The explorator decrypted the message, a request from the Adeptus Mechanicus for any members that may travel by.

Landing on the planet at the correct coordinates, the crew did not find Ailill. Only cracked, hot ground that Cassus soon found out was hollow. Tracking ahead with one of his subordinates a sinkhole opened, both tumbling in. Cassus survived by luck hitting a solid bit of rock. Using some sturdy cord and the Chopper he was lifted to safety and the group treked on to a cave on the horizon.

Ailill was still not found, but instead a mother Crag Spider and her children. Cassus returned the smaller arachnids back to the heat they were born from with a hefty wash of flames, earning the ire of the mother. A few well placed frag grenades kept her at bay as they exited the cave. While others looked for retreat, Captain Octavius in either his wisdom, or insanity used himself as bait to catch the creature in the cargo hold of the Chopper.

They returned to the Angry Angel, confused, blaming their pilot for landing in the wrong place and looking for direction. With the message from the Adeptus Mechanicas decrypted, they learned of the nearby world of Vigil, a dead world with possible treasures. Also in the message were coordinates.
They moved on, when entering the orbit of Vigil they found their asteroid field, and the Inquisition found them.

Inquisitor Tybalt hailed the Angry Angel, requesting identification and purpose for being in this area of void. Octavius, claimed to be on a salvage run, and during conversation muted Tybalt to confer with his crew.

The patience of the Inqusition is short, but Tybalt played games long enough for a scan able to pick up the weak traces of possible Xeno life on the Angry Angel be completed. The Crag Spider, was a foreign entity. Threats were passed around and Tybalt himself with a team of Imperial Storm Troopers boarded the Angry Angel, killing the Crag Spider. He let the ship pass, now purified of the alien menace, but not before expressing his disdain for Manos Krieg.

Through the asteroids and to the planet, the crew went to the original coordinates given by Victor. They discovered the coordinates were correct, but the planet was wrong. Setting forward with the Chopper though an alarming discovery was made of something draining it’s energy.
Through scans it was determined there was a magnetic interference in the lower atmosphere.

Will add more later.



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